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A critical patch to address the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) vulnerability (described in the previous May1 News article on this vulnerability) was automatically delivered to all General Computing Network (GCN) Windows faculty and staff computers during the week of May 5. On Friday, May 9, at 5:30pm, the patch was automatically applied to any of these computers that didn’t already have it installed.

If you have a non-GCN computer, you should have Windows Update set to “Install updates automatically” so that you receive the patch directly from Microsoft. (For more details, see Turn automatic updating on or off.)

Unsure if you have the IE update?

To check to see if your computer received the patch, follow the steps below (instructions were developed with a Windows 7 computer and may vary with other Window operating systems).

  1. Click on the Action Center icon (flag) on your toolbar and click Open Action Center.
  2. Click Windows Update from the bottom left menu.
  3. Click View update history.
  4. If your computer received the patch, you should see a “Security Update” for the patch. The exact wording of the patch will vary, depending on your version of IE and OS, but it will include the words Security Update for Internet Explorer with the KB number KB2964358

Install update manually if needed

If your computer doesn’t have the update, you can install it manually from Microsoft here:

 If you need assistance installing the update or have other questions, including how to make sure your computer receives automatic updates, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or