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UNCG decided to undertake a University-wide business intelligence (BI) initiative in July 2013. The key activities identified for the BI initiative included identifying the University’s greatest information needs, improving the trustworthiness of University data and investigating and recommending solutions for presenting information in the most useful manner.  ITS recommended creation of the Business Intelligence Steering Committee (BISC) in December 2013, and work on the BI initiative began in February 2014 when the new Associate Provost for Enrollment Management arrived.  The BISC and the newly chartered Data Stewards Council (DSC) have:

  • Created and obtained executive approval of set of data principles
  • Established a governance structure to recommend and oversee initiatives
    • Business Intelligence Steering Committee
    • Data Stewards Council
  • Identified highest priority datasets
    • Enrollment
    • University Advancement (preparing for next capital campaign)
    • Human Resources (employee dataset)
  • Revised Data Classification Policy to reflect categories of data based on sensitivity and security needs; will be aligning file storage offerings with these categories
  • Established two-tiered process for the creation and approval of University-wide data terms
  • Began to build an institutional Business Glossary of consistent data definitions, based on relevant external entity definition if applicable
  • Identified a tool to enable Business Glossary construction (have obtained funding and expect to secure the Data Cookbook software in fall of 2014)

Currently, ITS and Institutional Research are working to:

  • Identify components for desired executive dashboards as well as tool to create dashboards
  • Update and obtain approval of revised list of data stewards
  • Create education program for data stewards and other stakeholders