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Information Technology Services

Last spring, Undergraduate Studies asked Information Technology Services (ITS) to assume responsibility for classroom technology. Because of uncertainty about classroom technology needs & the annualized costs of maintaining & refreshing classroom equipment/software, ITS was not able at that time to agree to this. A significant portion of the costs of purchasing & refreshing classroom equipment has come from non-recurring funds in Academic Affairs &, due to budget cuts, these will be more constrained in the future.

After consulting w/incoming Provost Dana Dunn, ITS is launching a study of classroom technology to identify what faculty & students need, & the costs involved. Here’s an outline of what we’ll do:

  • Summer 2014: ITS will work w/the current classroom technology staff to make an inventory of all equipment in the classrooms & the replacement supplies
  • Summer 2014: ITS will determine the extent to which existing ITS staff resources (e.g., Technical Services, Service Desk) can be utilized to drive down the overall cost of supporting classrooms
  • Summer 2014: ITS will work w/the Instructional Technology Consultants (ITCs) in the College/Schools to identify equipment/software that could be added, & equipment/software now in the classrooms that may not be necessary for every classroom
  • Fall 2014: ITS will work w/faculty committees, survey faculty & students, & hold faculty forums, to get faculty & student views

We’ll need cooperation from all of you in this important study. Questions can be directed to ITS managers Gloria Thornton, Todd Sutton, Kevin Latimer, or me