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Central ITS operates and manages two enterprise class data centers that are staffed and monitored 24 x 7 x 365. The Library, Chemistry and Geography each have significant server infrastructure that is hosted in one of the campus data centers. The granularity of control enabled by virtual server technology allows each distributed server administrator to have full control and access to the infrastructure they manage, provided that the equipment is consistently maintained at campus baseline management standards as confirmed by active ITS compliance monitoring. Each of the system administrators for these hosted environments receive the same required training as ITS staff to meet the mandatory standards for the Physical Access to Secure IT Infrastructure policy.

The University has made significant investments in equipping the campus data centers to have the appropriate environmental conditions, security, monitoring, data backup and disaster recovery capability to support operation of our enterprise services at 99.99% availability. Centrally managed ITS hosting solutions offer departments a highly cost effective service that enables them to fully leverage the existing campus data center infrastructure.   Locating network and server infrastructure in the proper environment provided by an enterprise class data center ensures that the equipment is operated correctly to achieve maximum useful life for the University’s investment. Around the clock monitoring provided by central ITS staff also ensures that equipment malfunction is remediated quickly with minimal impact.