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ITS is pleased to announce that a new online file storage service called “Box” is now available to all UNCG users. ITS successfully completed a pilot study of Box during the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 semesters, gathering feedback from users all across campus.

Why Box?

UNCG users’ file storage needs are expanding, making it increasingly important to make our services efficient and secure so that people can get their work done effectively and safely. Box represents an extremely cost-effective solution by providing enterprise file storage services that take advantage of the cloud, which decreases UNCG’s costs for maintaining on-site systems. Box will provide UNCG with a service that works across multiple devices and can support the needs of our thousands of users while still being configured to help protect important University data.

Some of the benefits of the Box service include:

  • 50Gb of storage quota for every user
  • Configured to meet the “2-Lock rating” requirements for storage of “Moderate risk data” according to the new Data Classification Policy for UNCG
  • Web and mobile access to your files anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Ability to selectively “sync” files and folders to your computer (similar to DropBox)
  • Ability to share files with other users inside and outside UNCG
  • Keeps track of multiple versions of your files automatically
  • Ability to “lock” documents while editing them, so others cannot accidentally overwrite your work.
  • Ability to see who has edited and viewed documents you share.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office to seamlessly download, edit and upload new versions

Will this impact other file storage services at UNCG?

UNCG already provides multiple file storage services (ie: S Drive, N Drive, Google Drive). The addition of Box will not immediately affect any of the existing offerings. ITS is constantly evaluating its service offerings and it is possible that in the future, an existing file storage service may be discontinued and replaced by a newer service if UNCG users’ needs can be more effectively met.

Box will support storage of “Moderate Risk Data” … what does that mean?

Box will be configured to be a “2-Lock rated“ storage service, which means it will meet the requirements for “Moderate Risk Data” according to the new Data Classification Policy for UNCG. This means certain types of data will be best suited for storage in Box. One particular requirement of a 2-Lock system is that data in Box cannot be shared publicly. You can share data in Box with people outside UNCG, but you will need to specify who those people are, rather than just allowing anyone to anonymously view a file. Other storage services will also be rated using the Lock-System (ie: Google Drive will be rated as a 1-Lock storage service).

How do I learn more and start using Box?

To learn more about the Data Classification Policy, go to:

To sign into your UNCG Box account, go to:

To learn more about Box, go to:

Training opportunities will start being offered during the Fall semester, and will be publicized via the UNCG Workshops website:

If you have any questions or comments about Box, please contact 6-TECH at 336.256.TECH (8324) or