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Update 3/30/2015 1:30pm

The cause of Friday’s issue with missing enrollments and courses in Blackboard Learn has been confirmed and addressed, and the issue is now resolved.  Everything should be functioning normally and the synchronization of enrollments and courses with UNCGGenie/Banner has been re-enabled.

If you have questions or continue to experience problems, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or

{Original post: 3/27/2015}

What: Missing Enrollments, Courses in Blackboard Learn (3/27/15)

Who: Faculty, Students, Staff

When: Friday March 27th, 4:05pm until 5:35pm

An unintended change in Banner today caused courses and enrollments for Spring 2015 to disappear from Blackboard Learn. The data began disappearing at 4:05pm and was restored at approximately 5:35pm. This caused UNCG users to lose access to their course information, quizzes and any other activity tied to a Spring 2015 course.

As a precaution, Information Technology Services (ITS) has suspended processing any new changes for Blackboard Learn until Monday, 3/30. No new courses or changes in enrollment in UNCGenie/Banner between 5:35pm on Friday 3/27 and Monday 3/30 will be reflected in Blackboard until ITS has successfully confirmed today’s problem will not occur again. ITS will post information about the ongoing work to fix and clean up this problem as it becomes available.

Note: Blackboard Learn will be fully operational and usable by students, faculty and staff this weekend. The only temporary change from normal operating procedures is that no new official enrollments or courses (that would normally be synchronized with UNCGenie/Banner), will be displayed in Blackboard until ITS posts updated information on Monday 3/30/15.