Technology News

Information Technology Services

In addition to new services developed internally, ITS since 2009, has assumed responsibilities for:

  1. Wireless networking and support for all residence halls (Essentially doubled ITS wireless responsibilities; no increase in ITS staff; HRL billed for networking costs.)
  2. Synchronous Learning Management System (Responsibility for Blackboard Collaborate transferred from Continual Learning, with no funds or staff; licensing-only costs for SLMS funded by E&T Fee increase 7/1/15.)
  3. Campus coordination for NC Identity Management (NCID) (Responsibility for credential management taken over from several campus offices.)
  4. Learning Management System (Responsibility for LMS application administration and support transferred from Teaching & Learning Center, with one of the two staff positions needed; licensing-only costs transferred from Academic Affairs.)
  5. Management of administrative systems priority-setting and campus-wide committee structure (Responsibility transferred from Institutional/Business Affairs, with half of that manager’s salary.) Subsequently, given responsibility for campus-wide Banner training, with position.
  6. Full administration of WordPress for University Relations and UNCG web.
  7. Classroom technology (Responsibility for equipping/maintaining/planning for 186 classrooms and instructional labs transferred from Teaching and Learning Center, with partial funding and projected annual deficits of $389K; some funding obtained 2014-15, but recurring deficit remains.)
  8. Pre-purchase review of all University information system purchases, for efficiency, security, and single-sign-on.