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Beginning today, UNCG users have the option of using Inbox, in addition to the existing Gmail service, to access their UNCG email.

Note: There is no requirement to use Inbox and Gmail will continue to work as normal.

Inbox is a new way to manage email that you can use instead of, or in addition to, Gmail. It is more task-oriented than Gmail and has features that help you organize and access the information that matters most to you, saving time and reducing email overload. Important Inbox features include email Bundles, Highlights, and Reminders (including the ability to Snooze notifications).

Several “Helpful Links” are included below to help you get an idea of how Inbox works and whether it is a good fit for you.  For example, you can watch a quick video introducing Inbox and showing how to get started (“How to Use Inbox”).  In “When to use Gmail and/or Inbox, two Google staff, one who prefers Inbox and one who prefers Gmail, show and explain how they use the two apps and the reasons they like one over the other.

image of mobile app interfaceInbox is a web app, like Gmail, but was specifically designed for mobile use. Mobile apps for iOs and Android are available.

Key Features Included in Inbox

Key features of Inbox by Gmail include:

  • improved Inbox management
  • mail is automatically bundled into categories like Promos, Social, Purchases, Trips, and Low Priority
    • set a schedule for your bundles to display in your Inbox: immediately, once a day, or once a week
    • pin important emails so they are easy to find
    • take messages out of your inbox until a specified time or arrival at a specified place
  • integrated Calendar reminders that can be tied to email messages
  • save links (URLs) to your Inbox
  • replies in email suggest common responses
  • orders contain up to date tracking information

Features Not Yet Included in Inbox

Inbox does not yet have the following features that are included in the standard Gmail service:

  • advanced search options drop down menu. However, Inbox does support advanced search operators like From: or To: when typed in the search box
  • ability to create filters
  • canned responses
  • labs
  • offline
  • configuring multiple accounts
  • ability to tag a message or conversation with multiple tags

How to Access Inbox

UNCG users can use Inbox directly via or via the Google Apps launcher (“grid” icon) located in the upper right corner of all Google services.

image of Google App Launcher icon









Helpful Links

Learn more about Google’s Inbox by Gmail: