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Users will soon see an enhancement to Google Drive: the upload process will result in a reduction of duplicate files.

When a user downloads a file from Google Drive to work with the file locally, and then re-uploads the modified file into Google Drive, Google will compare the file name and instead of creating a new file, will update the version stored in Drive and add previous versions to the revision history of the file.

This deduplication workflow when uploading consolidates versions and will greatly reduce the number of files stored and the difficulty in file management. In the past, uploading of modified files would result in duplicate files (the original and the new one), and users would have trouble finding the latest version.

Upload file and click "Keep as separate file" link
"Keep as separate file" link

Users will be able to prevent the files from being deduplicated, by clicking on the “Keep as separate file” link.

Deduplication of files will be limited to files within a folder.

Folders will also demonstrate the same behavior; uploaded folders will be merged with folders of the same name.

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