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In 2015, Information Technology Services (ITS) worked with faculty and graduate students to evaluate several qualitative data analysis (QDA) products as part of a Qualitative Data Analysis Product Study. The study recommended removal of NVivo from UNCG’s network in favor of alternatives better suited to current research and instructional needs. To facilitate the transition, the date for removal of NVivo has been extended to July 31, 2017, rather than December 2016 as originally announced.

ITS continues to support Atlas.ti QDA software and is investigating additional options, including MaxQDA and Dedoose. ITS will work with clients who need assistance migrating projects in Spring 2017. Those who wish to continue using NVivo may purchase individual copies from UNCG’s Online Software Store.

If you have existing NVivo projects and need assistance with the transition, please contact 6-TECH at 336-256-8324 or