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On or after January 25, iSpartan users will experience two enhancements to Google Calendar for the Web, making it easier to find collaborators.  Google has enhanced Calendars’ event participant and room selection interface as well as making time zone differences of guests more apparent.

Guest and Room Selection

The interface for finding event participants and rooms has been updated.  Rooms are now more clearly designated as organizational resources, grouped categorically.  The menu toggles to hide or display rooms according to the grouping.


Image of Google Calendar with the Guest and Rooms selection panel open

Note: The label ‘Rooms” is best understood as “Resources”.  The Rooms list contains actual rooms that can be booked for meeting, but also entities that are not physical locations, such as direct-call in phone lines and machines.   For consultation about listing a Room/Resource in Google Calendar, contact 6TECH.

Find a Time: Time Zone

An additional enhancement to the Google Calendar for Web interface is that display of time zone differences of guests in the Find a Time navigator. When using Find a Time, the time of the event for each guest, according to his or her time zone, is clearly indicated.

Image of the calendar screen that shows time zone scheduling


For more information about these updates, see the announcement on Google’s blog:

G Suite Updates: Smarter meeting scheduling in Google Calendar on the web

If you have questions or need more information, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or