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On or soon after February 13, 2017 iSpartan Gmail users will no longer be able to send or receive email with Javascript files (.js) attached.

Users who need to share Javascript (.js) files should use Google Drive or other Cloud storage solutions.

For security purposes, Google prevents attaching certain file types, such as .exe and .bat, to email.  Google will now treat Javascript files (.js) similarly.

Users who try to attach a file of a restricted file type receive notification from Google explaining why the attachment is not permitted.

Image of email with Blocked Security message and help button highlighted that describes why the file is being blocked

Non-Gmail users who send an email with a Javascript attachment to an iSpartan account will receive a bounce noticed, explaining why the message was not delivered.

Tip: Javascript files are permitted in Google Drive. Use Google Drive to share these files with collaborators.
For more information about restricted file attachments in Gmail, see:

Gmail Help: Some file types are blocked

For more information about these updates, see the announcement on Google’s blog:

Gmail will block .js file attachments starting February 13, 2017

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