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Who: Faculty and staff only


  • Upgrade to the MyCloud Campus Desktop
  • Access to the new Student Desktop
  • Removal of the MyCloud File Manager app

When: March 6, 2017

MyCloud is a UNCG service that offers access to applications and virtual computer desktops over the internet. Beginning March 6, faculty and staff who use MyCloud will have access to an updated version of the Campus Desktop. “MyCloud – Campus Desktop” will be replaced with “Campus Desktop.”

Note: Both “MyCloud – Campus Desktop” and “Campus Desktop” will run side-by-side until March 20th. At that time, “MyCloud – Campus Desktop” will be removed.

In addition, a new virtual computer desktop called “Student Desktop” will be available. It will provide access to much of the software used for academic and research purposes (see: Available Software).

Student & Campus desktop icons

The current environment of “MyCloud – Campus Desktop” is similar to Windows 7, but the updated Campus Desktop and Student Desktop will be more like Windows 10. When you click the Windows Start button (bottom left) to open the menu of available software, you will see a list of application icons from which to choose.

Updated Campus Desktop: New Student Desktop:
Campus Desktop view Student Desktop view

Also, at the recommendation of Citrix (the software vendor), the MyCloud File Manager app (shown below) will be removed.

MyCloud File Manager icon

In its place, you may use the Campus Desktop environment to manage your files.

Note: For MyCloud updates that will affect students, see: New MyCloud Virtual Desktop Available for Students.

If you have questions, or need more information, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or