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Information Technology Services

Primary support for Windows operating systems is changing from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on May 17. Following this change, Information Technology Services (ITS) will deliver all Windows computers (new or rebuilt) with Windows 10.

Early in this transition, some departments, faculty, and staff will continue to use Windows 7 due to special requirements. ITS will address these needs in detail with the appropriate Department Technology Support staff (DTS). If you have a concern about moving to Windows 10, please notify your DTS so they may review it with ITS. If your department/division doesn’t have a DTS, please contact 6-TECH.

  • ITS-managed Labs and Classroom Teaching Stations
    All open-access computer labs were updated to Windows 10 in the Fall of 2016. Over the summer, classroom teaching stations will be upgraded in coordination with the users of these resources. (See the ITS News article “Windows 10 Migration for Classroom Teaching Stations” for more details.)
  • For Individual Departments
    Departments and their DTS will determine when their users will migrate to Windows 10. Early adopters who want to upgrade should talk with their DTS (or contact 6-TECH if your department/division doesn’t have a DTS).
  • Coming Soon: In-place Upgrade Option
    This summer, ITS will release an in-place upgrade for Windows 10. This will allow users to maintain their existing files and applications. ITS plans to deliver this as a self-service option and will provide additional details closer to its release.

Windows 10 improves over earlier versions of Windows by offering a more modern operating system that provides new capabilities and greater security. ITS staff have worked to ensure campus users have the best possible experience with Windows 10. Since Spring Break, users have been able to test drive Windows 10 using the MyCloud Campus Desktop.

Note: To try Windows 10 now, go to or use the Citrix Receiver and launch the Campus Desktop (see Accessing MyCloud for further details).

If you have questions or need more information, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or