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Information Technology Services

Who: Faculty and staff

What: Windows 10, macOS, and Linux devices on the GCN will be joined to the primary GCN network (“10.80 network”)

When: Wednesday, August 2, 5:30 a.m. – 7:30 a.m.

Why: To provide additional services to these devices

In response to feedback from the campus community, Information Technology Services (ITS) will implement changes on August 2 so that Windows 10, macOS, and Linux devices on the GCN will begin connecting to the primary GCN network (or, “10.80 network”).  At that point, ALL devices that join the GCN will have the same level of access to UNCG services that Windows 7 devices have. This change applies to all connections methods, including wired, wireless, and VPN access.

In addition, all devices in the labs and classrooms will join the GCN LAB network (or, “10.100 network”).


  • This change will have no effect on current Windows 7 devices connected to the GCN. They will continue to function as normal.
  • The GCN NoNAP network, or “10.78” network, previously used for Windows 10 and other devices, will be decommissioned.

Client Action Required

On-campus devices: If you are on campus and connecting to the GCN with your Windows 10,  macOS, or Linux device, no action is required.

VPN-connected devices:  If you are connecting to campus from the AnyConnect VPN client, when you login the only choice for Group will be “UNCG-General-Computing-Network.”

Group: UNCG-General-Computing-Network


If you have questions or need more information, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or