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Due to compatibility issues discovered with some integrations and desktop editing applications including Box Edit, the release of Single File Collaboration (adding the ability into Invite collaborators to individual files) has been delayed until further notice while Box works to improve compatibility across experiences.

The ‘invite collaborators’ option that was added in mid-September 2017 on files will be removed from both the web and mobile applications. Collaborations already created on files will be maintained, but users that have been collaborated to individual files will notice that the ‘Open’ button (on the web application) will be disabled on these files. Box will re-enable the ‘Open’ button once the compatibility issues have been resolved.

As always, users can be invited as collaborators at the folder level in order to edit the files contained in that folder.

{Original Post 9/20/17}

In September, Box will begin allowing the ability to “invite collaborators” to individual files (previously collaborators could only be invited at the folder level).

When you invite a collaborator from the website they will be assigned Editor rights.  After the invitation is sent the collaboration level may be changed to Viewer on a user by user case.

Files will show up in the Collaborator’s “All Files” view and are identified as collaboration files with the Collaborator’s badge.

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