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Google has released its next major enhancement to Calendar featuring an updated interface.  The updated interface corresponds better to the Mobile App and is more accessible. It contains more detail about events, resources and invitees.  A side-by-side view of the calendars of multiple users will make finding a time and location for a meeting even more efficient.

Image shows the new Google Calendar appointment interface

The new calendar interface includes:

  • The ability to see all event participants at a glance.
  • A larger variety of views, including in “Day” view, the option to view multiple calendars of different people side-by-side.
  • A quicker method to add a new event.
  • Views with more options, like declined invites.
  • More information about an event invitee’s status.
  • Better organized settings.

New calendar rollout schedule for UNCG

On Friday, October 27, UNCG students, faculty and staff will have the option of switching to the new calendar interface.

On Monday, November 13, the new calendar interface will be the default option for UNCG students, faculty and staff, but users will have the option of switching back to the old version.

In early 2018, the new calendar interface will be the only option, with no ability to switch back.

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