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On March 9th, the names of rooms listed in UNCG’s Google Resource Calendar will be modified to enhance usability. The duplicate building names inside a room name will be eliminated.

What is changing?

Currently, rooms names follow the pattern: owner – building name – room number. Following the change, rooms will follow the pattern: owner – room number.  All rooms will continue to be automatically grouped by building.

Why is this change being made?

In January UNCG implemented Google’s enhancements to Resource Calendar. Historically, UNCG Google Calendar room names incorporated building information so that rooms would be listed logically.  This practice was continued to assist the campus transition to the new Google Resource Calendar. Now that the transition is complete, UNCG’s room naming convention is being modified to take advantage of the new calendar interface. In the Google Calendar interface, rooms are automatically grouped by building and listed with floor information. The inclusion of a building name inside the room name is not necessary.

Example Calendar Listing Changes

In the Google Calendar “New Event” screen, Rooms are grouped by building.  Eliminating the redundant building name as part of the room name will reduce visual clutter.

In a user’s list of managed and/or subscribed calendars, the building name will not be repeated. The default listing of resource calendars will be the building Name, floor number, owner and room number and capacity. This change reduces visual clutter and increases likelihood that all the relevant information about a room will be visible by default.

 Current  Change
 screenshot of what room names currently look like  screenshot of what room names will look like after the change


The new scheduling view:

screenshot of what the room names will look like in the scheduling view of the calendar


Specific room name change examples:

 Building and Floor (Same)  Current Room Name  New Room Name
 840-1 Neal-1  ITS – 840 Neal 121  ITS – 121
 Music Building- 1  CVPA – Music Building 115-C  CVPA – 115-C
 Forney-2  EM – Forney 205  EM – 205


PLEASE NOTE: screen shot of calendar setting menu

You can customize the name and color of subscribed calendars. When you subscribe to a resource calendar, you can create a custom label in your listing by modifying the name of the resource in the calendar’s settings. This custom label and color is only seen by you.

For more info see Google Help: Create & subscribe to new calendars

For more information about Google Calendar Resource/Room management, see:

Google Support: About calendar resources (rooms, etc)

If you have questions or need more information, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or