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Starting Friday, May 4, UNCG users have the ability to opt-in to the new Gmail experience. Users can choose to opt-in and out of the new Gmail experience until a future date yet to be specified. Information Technology Services (ITS) will communicate with UNCG users before the new experience becomes the default or only option.

In late April, Google announced a significant update to Gmail. The update includes several features to help make communications more efficient.Choose a view window

The new Gmail interface helps users to more quickly interact with and organize mail from the main screen. The main menu, down the left side of the screen, can be collapsed to allow for area to view emails.

The new Gmail enhances the option users have between three different densities. In the default view, a preview of attachments is visible.

In all three views, there are icons to quickly organize mail: mark as read, archive and delete, and the new “snooze” feature.


Snooze until dialog boxSnooze designates a time duration for future interaction, and causes emails to resurface to the top of one’s inbox.






Side-panel viewA side-pane to interact with Google Calendar, Google Keep and tasks, and any additional Gmail Add-Ons has been added.








Smart Reply suggestionsThe new Gmail includes “Smart Reply” suggestions, so you can quickly respond to emails with essential info.





Suspicious emails will now contain a more prominent warning message.

Finally, Google has announced future plans for the new Gmail to offer a “confidential mode” in which emails can be set to self-destruct, be prevented from printing, and require additional security for the reader to access. At this time, “confidential mode” is not yet available, but UNCG Google Administrators are aware of the future possibility and will communicate about it when appropriate.

"Try the new Gmail" menu itemHow to Opt In

To opt-in to the new Gmail, access the “Try the new Gmail” option in your settings menu (the gear icon). Once in the new Gmail, an option to “return to Classic Gmail” will be available.


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