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Who: Students, faculty and staff who use UNCG network drives, such as S drive (home directories), N drive (departmental space) and Special Volumes

What: Discontinuation of UNCG network file space. New storage offerings will be made available and migration plans for departmental storage will be put in place as needed.

When: By December 14, 2018

Why: UNCG cloud storage services (Box and Google Drive) provide more robust collaboration features, mobility, and unlimited storage. Box and Google Drive have been available to students, faculty and staff since 2016. Transitioning to cloud storage keeps UNCG current with ever evolving technologies. Box and Google drive allows you to access data from any device, anywhere.

Further Details

Some applications are not yet compatible with cloud storage, and ITS has plans to help bridge the gap.

Students and Faculty: A new academic storage offering will be available Summer 2018. This service will provide faculty and students file space for individuals and groups in support of teaching and research that requires network storage. ITS will assist in migrating individual home directories (S drive) and departmental network storage (N drive) as needed.

Staff: ITS will work with non-academic departments to develop migration plans, including identification of use cases that require network storage. There will be migration volumes to help ease the transition to cloud-based storage for departments where necessary. This storage service will be available late Spring 2018, and will have a cost beginning in 2019.

Next Steps: We appreciate the continued collaboration in support of storage services that are economical, feature-rich, and meet the mobility needs required by students, faculty and staff.  ITS will work with DTCs and DTSs to develop migration plans as needed.

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