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Telling your friends where you are may also tell thieves where you aren't

Many people like to check in to a location when using social media apps to let friends and family know where they are and what they’re doing, and to get perks from businesses and promotions. But posting your current or future location has many potential risks, including alerting thieves to the location of an empty house or apartment.

Location services on mobile devices enable activities such as checking in and geo-tagging. This feature is both fun and necessary but you have to be safe when using it.

Did you know you can turn off (or on) location tracking and recording for your device and/or for specific apps?

To find location services on…

  • iOS devices, go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services
  • Android devices, go to Settings>Security & Location


If you disable location services, you won’t have access to common tools like Maps, Lyft, Uber, and other GPS-driven apps. These apps need your location. So a good option is to enable the location service on your device and turn it on or off for individual apps. You should consider your options and decide what’s the best—and safest—option for you.

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