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Image of person sitting at desk in front of computer. It appears he is entering various bits of personal information like "mother's maiden name," List of hobbies," "home address," "Gets breakfast every Saturday at 9:00 a.m." The caption reads "Criminals want your info. TMI makes it easy."  #UNCGsecureit
Oversharing personal information online can get you in trouble — with hackers, thieves, and even potential employers.

Date or place of birth, hobbies, favorite foods or music — that’s all TMI!

TMI makes you vulnerable to security and privacy risks, like the following:

  • Identity theft. Using social networks, criminals can use personal information you’ve shared to guess passwords or answers to security questions or to gain access to your accounts.
  • Home and personal risks. Posting your daily routine or checking in to locations can be an open invitation to potential thieves or predators.
  • Professional risks. Employers often conduct online searches of job applicants. Inappropriate photos or content posted online can have a negative impact on an employer’s evaluation of the applicant.

Remember, there is no delete button on the internet! Once you’ve shared information on a social network, there is no way to control where it ends up or to guarantee its removal.

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