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A recent Banner upgrade, installed by UNCG on December 19, 2018, changed how printing works from Banner forms. The upgrade causes the form to be rendered in a screenshot-like format. This format results in a reduced text size in many of the data areas, making the data on the form difficult to read.

Unfortunately, the printing upgrade cannot be backed out. It was released as part of a regulatory upgrade, which is mandatory for the generation of 1098T forms from the AR module. Due to dependency on the regulatory upgrade, all Banner campuses are having the text size issue with the new print format.

Many schools, including UNCG, have registered complaints with the Banner vendor. At this time there is no official word on how they intend to address the issue.

Information Technology Services (ITS) has formulated a couple of ways to work around the print screenshot issue — one uses your browser’s zoom function and the other involves exporting data to a CSV file.

Work-Arounds for Banner Forms Print Screenshot Issue

Browser Zoom

  1. First make sure you print in landscape as this will give you a slightly larger text size.
  2. Increase your browser zoom. In Chrome and Firefox the easiest way to increase your zoom is to select Ctrl + Plus sign (+). Press the Plus sign as many times as necessary to get the result you prefer. The Banner Tools / Print Screenshot rendering will look like the zoomed screen.
  3. This works well except on some of the wide forms where data items are cut off. You may need multiple screenshots to get the entire form. (A form like SFAREGQ is certainly one that falls into this category.) On the wide forms you may rearrange the columns in the Banner grids by clicking on and dragging the column headings. This allows you to put the most important information towards the left, which may help you avoid multiple printed pages per form.

Export to CSV

Many Banner forms can be exported to a CSV file.

  1. Using Tools / Export, export the form to a CSV file.
  2. Open the downloaded CSV file in Excel and manipulate the columns, font sizes, etc., as needed.
  3. Print the file after completing your edits.

If the downloaded CSV file does not have column headings, there is a setting to turn on the headings in the GUAUPRF form.

We hope that you find one of these work-arounds helpful in minimizing any disruption to your standard procedures.

ITS is monitoring the status of the Print Screenshot issue with the Banner vendor and other affected campuses and will provide additional information as it becomes available.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or