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Information Technology Services

Who: MyCloud users

What: MyCloud user experience improvements

When: Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Why: Improvements to User Profile Management and OS/Office Updates

Information Technology Services (ITS) is improving the way core MyCloud desktops (Campus, Student, Secure) and applications store user profile data. MyCloud desktops and applications will now save data and settings the same way that computers store them. Now, when a document is saved to the desktop or in the Documents folder of a MyCloud desktop, it will only be available on that MyCloud desktop.

This change simplifies finding files saved in a MyCloud desktop or application. However, ITS recommends saving all files generated in MyCloud to approved cloud storage by using Kumo. See Kumo @ UNCG for more details.

Additionally, ITS is upgrading MyCloud desktops to Windows Server 2019 and Microsoft Office 2019. Server 2019 and Office 2019 give desktops a look-and-feel that closely resembles the versions of Windows 10 1809 and Office 365 ProPlus currently running on campus computers .

Office files with macros or VBA code may need to be updated to work in 64-bit Office. See this Microsoft article for more information.

Technical Details

On July 30, user profiles, data, and settings will be managed by a service called FSLogix Profile Containers.  For more info about MyCloud Profile Containers visit MyCloud Profile Containers.

User Data

S drive data will stay in its current location and remain accessible via the mapped drive.  After July 30, any new data saved to the Documents folder will reside in the newly created profile container.

User Settings

Most user application settings for the Campus Desktop, Secure Desktop, and associated applications in MyCloud will be migrated automatically to the new profile-container format. However, some settings in Server 2019 and Office 2019, such as custom printer or drive mappings, may need to be updated .

Student Desktop settings will be stored in profile containers. This will allow Windows and Office settings to remain the same with each login. Profile containers for the Student Desktop will be deleted at the end of each semester.