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With the latest Webex release (39.8), Cisco implemented some interface changes that affect the user experience in Webex Meetings.

First, Modern View is now the default view in the Webex Meetings platform ( Formerly, Classic View was the default view, and users could toggle between Modern and Classic views. With Cisco’s enforcement of Modern View, users are now automatically in Modern View when they log into the Webex Meetings platform. Users can switch over to Classic View by clicking Classic View in the top right corner


Modern View is only associated with the Webex Meetings platform. Webex Trainings, Webex Events, and Webex Support are in Classic View only. Users are automatically transitioned to Classic View when using those platforms.

Additionally, Cisco simplified the Webex Meetings join experience. Clicking a meeting link now opens the Webex Meetings app directly. Users now may choose their audio and video options and join the meeting with fewer steps and in less time. The new large audio and video preview window makes it easy to check that everything looks and sounds good before joining a meeting.

For more information, see the Webex Help Center.