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Instructors teaching on-campus course(s) that were converted to hybrid for Fall 2020 will see multiple sections of their same course in Canvas. These additional sections will have letters appended to the section numbers. Letters are added to course sections to coincide with the student groupings that have been created in UNCGenie

For example:

  • BIO 100-01
  • BIO 100-01A
  • BIO 100-01B
  • BIO 100-01C

BIO 100-01 was converted to a hybrid course, then broken down into three subsections. 

Section 01 is the original main section but will not have any enrolled students. This original course will be deleted from Canvas on Friday, August 28th, prior to census reporting on Monday, August 31st (noted on the Fall 2020 Academic Calendar). 

If an instructor has already begun working on their fall courses in Canvas and used the original main section (01), the content can be copied into one or more of the lettered subsections ( BIO 100-01A in this example). See Instructions for copying course content for instructions.


Instructors can cross-list sections 01A, 01B, and 01C in Canvas so they are only required to put content and assessments in a single course. 
Do not cross-list any subsections into the original main section.

See Instructions for cross-listing in Canvas for instructions.

A hybrid course that is converted to a fully online course will retain the subsections (e.g. 01A, 01B, 01C).  Enrolled students will remain in the subsections and the instructor can cross-list them so that all students are working out of the same Canvas course.  

De-Cross-List Requests

Instructors with courses incorrectly cross-listed incorrectly should contact their school’s Instructional Technology Consultant (ITC) or 6-TECH to have them de-cross-listed. 

For technical assistance, please submit a 6-TECH ticket, call 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324), or email