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Google has released its next major enhancement to Calendar featuring an updated interface.  The updated interface corresponds better to the Mobile App and is more accessible. It contains more detail about events, resources and invitees.  A side-by-side view of the calendars of multiple users will make finding a time and location for a meeting even [Read More]

Who: Faculty and staff devices on the GCN running Windows 7 What: In-place upgrade to Windows 10 now available When: Monday, October 23 Why: To help with the campus migration to Windows 10, Information Technology services (ITS) has made an in-place upgrade option available to all faculty and staff devices that are on the GCN. This process [Read More]

Starting Monday, October 9, UNCG faculty, staff, and students will be able to take advantage of Team Drives and Drive File Stream, two enhancements to Google’s cloud-based file storage and sharing service: Google Drive. Team Drive Google Team Drives are additional shared spaces where teams can easily store, search, and access their files anywhere, from [Read More]

Due to compatibility issues discovered with some integrations and desktop editing applications including Box Edit, the release of Single File Collaboration (adding the ability into Invite collaborators to individual files) has been delayed until further notice while Box works to improve compatibility across experiences. The ‘invite collaborators’ option that was added in mid-September 2017 on [Read More]

Apple has announced that it will officially release macOS High Sierra, 10.13, on September 25, 2017. Information Technology Services (ITS), in collaboration with the Mac Advisory Committee, is currently evaluating High Sierra for on-campus use. This includes testing its compatibility with enterprise applications and UNCG standard hardware and network configurations. All Mac users are advised [Read More]