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Primary support for Windows operating systems is changing from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on May 17. Following this change, Information Technology Services (ITS) will deliver all Windows computers (new or rebuilt) with Windows 10. Early in this transition, some departments, faculty, and staff will continue to use Windows 7 due to special requirements. ITS [Read More]

Information Technology services (ITS) is currently migrating all ITS-supported campus workstations from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Windows 10 improves over earlier versions of Windows by offering a more modern operating system that provides new capabilities and greater security. ITS staff have worked to ensure campus users have the best possible experience with Windows 10. [Read More]

Who: Users of UNCG Qualtrics surveys What: Staff, faculty and students will be able to create an unlimited number of Qualtrics surveys. When: Beginning Friday, March 17, 2017 Previously, students were limited to five surveys in UNCG’s Qualtrics service. Information Technology Services (ITS) is removing survey count limits on all faculty, staff and student accounts. Learn more [Read More]

In response to faculty and student interest, Information Technology Services (ITS) has negotiated terms of service for UNCG use of Dedoose qualitative data analysis (QDA) software. As a web-based package, benefits of Dedoose include access from any location and support for simultaneous coding of project data by multiple team members. The new contract enables use [Read More]

On, or soon after February 24, 2017, iSpartan Google Drive users will be able to preview Microsoft Office password-protected files. Google Drive contains a file preview functionality.  Users can see the contents of a file without opening the file. Users whose Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations were password-protected were previously unable to be previewed. [Read More]