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Information Technology Services

In late 2019, UNCG joined the Internet2 GCP Net+ program, which provides multiple benefits, such as egress cost waivers, credit opportunities, and billing efficiencies. On Monday, February 1, 2021, Information Technology Services (ITS) will begin to change the self-service project creation process on UNCG’s Google Cloud Platform (GCP). These changes take advantage of the Internet2 [Read More]

Beginning October 13, 2020, Google Drive’s Trash  will behave more consistently with other G Suite services with regard to automatic deletion. Any file put into My Drive trash will be automatically deleted after 30 days.  What does this mean for UNCG users? Any files already in a user’s trash as of October 13 will remain [Read More]

Google has announced its new G Suite integrated workspace for the web and Android operating system. The new workspace has four distinct features: Chat allows users to message individuals and small groups directly. Rooms are spaces that include shared chat, files, and tasks to help groups collaborate more efficiently. Meet features upcoming meetings to view [Read More]

Beginning Monday, June 15, 2020, UNCG G Suite users will transition to Google’s newest enterprise-grade collaboration tool, Google Chat. Google Chat will become the default option for direct messages (DMs), group messages, and team discussions. The Classic Hangouts app will be turned off. Chat has a modern UI, team rooms that support better team collaboration,  [Read More]

UNCG G Suite users can now enable the Zoom for GSuite Add-on, available in the G Suite Marketplace.  The Add-on allows a Zoom Meeting to be created in Gmail and Google Calendar. In Gmail, a user can launch their personal Zoom Meeting room. In Calendar, a user can add a Zoom meeting to an event. [Read More]