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Starting February 1, 2019, Google will retire the legacy Tasks full screen and canvas versions of the interface. These will no longer be available to UNCG accounts. Specifically, the following URLs will be disabled: • Legacy Tasks Full Screen: • Legacy Tasks Canvas: In addition, Chrome extensions created to access and modify the [Read More]

On January 11, 2019, ITS will implement a change to restore the news feed to the UNCG Single Sign-On Page. This will not impact its login functionality in any way. Currently, the UNCG Single Sign-On Page looks like this:   After the change, the page will have a news feed to the right of the [Read More]

Google has announced the retirement of Calendar SMS notifications. Starting on January 7, 2019, Google Calendar will no longer offer SMS notifications. However, the standard in-app notifications options will continue. Google has been alerting users of the change from within the application. Users who used SMS notifications will now see notifications as follows: as event notification [Read More]

Starting on November 27, G Suite users will experience a new sign-in design. Earlier this year, Google announced several new user interface components, including a new sign-in design. The new sign-in design will now be implemented. This change does not impact the UNCG authentication process. Users entering their email address on the Google Sign-In [Read More]

Starting the week of November 12, UNCG Gmail users still using the old Gmail (or “Classic” Gmail) were automatically switched to new Gmail by Google. This change began in summer 2018 when new Gmail was released and UNCG users were given the choice to opt in to the new Gmail experience (see ITS News article). [Read More]