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On Wednesday, October 10, will have a modified look and new functionality. What is changing? The app bar will change location depending on the size of your screen. On smaller screens (mobile devices, laptops, etc.), the app bar will display at the top of the content area and on large monitors, the app bar [Read More]

A malicious email attack is making its way through the internet, apparently targeting users at educational institutions. The script propagates itself by sending an email to a person’s contacts. UNCG Google administrators have confirmed that some UNCG users have received versions of the email already, and similar attacks have been confirmed at other institutions as [Read More]

UNCG Information Technology Services (ITS) has added Google Drive to the Google Vault retention and e-Discovery service for all UNCG G Suite accounts. This expands the Vault service that previously only handled email retention & e-Discovery. Vault will make it easier for all UNCG employees to retain copies of all work-related electronic documents, including those [Read More]

Starting Friday, May 4, UNCG users have the ability to opt-in to the new Gmail experience. Users can choose to opt-in and out of the new Gmail experience until a future date yet to be specified. Information Technology Services (ITS) will communicate with UNCG users before the new experience becomes the default or only option. [Read More]

In addition to the enhancements in the new Calendar interface announced last October, Google has also improved how shared resources (meeting rooms, etc.) are managed and reserved in Calendar. General information about shared resources set up in UNCG’s G Suite for Education: A unique “Resource Calendar” is established for each resource. The availability and booking [Read More]