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Starting August 15th, UNCG faculty and staff will be able to access a wider selection of software directly from the MacApps volume on the campus network. In the past many Macintosh applications, licensed only for academic use, had to be installed by technical staff due to licensing and access restrictions. Recent changes in network organization [Read More]

Who: Faculty and staff with non-Nap capable computers that connect to the General Computing Network (GCN) wired and wireless networks What: Planned downtime for the NoNap GCN networks (10.78.x.x) When: Friday, July 29, 5:30 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. Why: The networks are being resized to allow for more devices. After the maintenance has been completed, all devices [Read More]

Who: Faculty and Staff (Mac users only) What: The MacApps volume will move to the Campus Domain (GCN). When: Friday, April 29 Client Action: Clients will need to login to access the MacApps volume. The MacApps volume will move to the Campus Domain (GCN) on Friday, April 29. The MacApps server address will be smb:// [Read More]

This message is a follow-up to the initial guidance that Information Technology Services (ITS) provided regarding MAC OS X El Capitan support. (See Evaluation Underway of Mac OS X El Capitan in the UNCG Environment for previous news article) ITS and the MAC Advisory Committee have concluded the evaluation of El Capitan for use in [Read More]

On September 30th, Apple officially released Mac OS X El Capitan to the public. The Information Technology Services (ITS) division in collaboration with the MAC Advisory Committee is currently evaluating El Capitan as it relates to our campus computing infrastructure. This evaluation includes testing enterprise applications for compatibility and ensuring that El Capitan will work [Read More]