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In 2015, Information Technology Services (ITS) worked with faculty and graduate students to evaluate several qualitative data analysis (QDA) products as part of a Qualitative Data Analysis Product Study. The study recommended removal of NVivo from UNCG’s network in favor of alternatives better suited to current research and instructional needs. To facilitate the transition, the [Read More]

A delay in renewing the IBM SPSS license, due to the ending of the UNC system consortium license agreement, had caused license expiration warnings for some clients. Because there is a 30-day “grace period,” the software will continue to function after September 30. The license agreement has now been renewed and clients should no longer [Read More]

Effective July 2016, Information Technology Services (ITS) will not renew licenses for Systat (statistical) and Maple (mathematical) software on the UNCG network. Over time, use of these products has been replaced by other software, such as SPSS and SAS replacing Systat, and Matlab and Mathematica replacing Maple. Today, only a handful of researchers use UNCG [Read More]

Information Technology Services (ITS) is starting a project to evaluate potential changes to the qualitative data analysis software applications and support currently offered at UNCG. Qualitative data analysis (QDA) is a research technique used across a wide range of academic fields. QDA software, such as Atlas.ti and QSR NVivo, is used to apply codes to [Read More]

In 2012, UNCG changed its license agreement with IBM to take advantage of a new UNC system-wide license agreement for IBM SPSS Statistics. This change made a much wider selection of SPSS products available to students, faculty & staff for academic instruction & research, but unfortunately did not include use for administrative purposes, including for [Read More]