Information Technology Services

On Wednesday, August 30, 2023, macOS antivirus on UNCG-managed Apple Silicon devices will move from Jamf Protect to Microsoft Defender for Enpoint on Mac. Intel-based Macs will be unaffected; they have been protected by Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Mac since the initial release of Jamf at UNCG.  Jamf allows Information Technology Services (ITS) to [Read More]

A malicious phishing campaign that is targeting UNCG students is currently underway. Remember the following, the ITS Service Desk (6-TECH) will never call and ask for your password will never call and ask for your MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) code That information is yours and you must keep that information private! The current phishing campaigns: threaten to [Read More]

UNCG is seeing an uptick in phishing emails. Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools allow grifters to create more convincing and harder-to-detect phishing messages. Microsoft filters out many malicious emails, but scammers are constantly improving their methods.  Recent phishing strategies include:  threatening to disable your account unless you take action; offering fantastic work opportunities; and offering deals [Read More]

Be vigilant with financial account security, even when advanced security features are enabled. According to  Federal Trade Commission (FTC), “Consumers reported losing nearly $8.8 billion to fraud in 2022, an increase of more than 30 percent over the previous year.”  One scam that uses social engineering can bypass advanced security measures, like security text codes, [Read More]

The national news media has reported that a significant number of organizations around the world have been affected by a cybersecurity event that involves a software utility called MOVEit, a widely used electronic file transfer software.   UNCG does not use MOVEit software and has found no evidence of a security breach on campus. However, [Read More]