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You know you’re supposed to have strong passwords so that hackers can’t guess them. And that you’re supposed to have different passwords for different accounts. But trying to keep up with all of that is challenging to say the least!

That’s where password managers come in—they eliminate the need to keep track of multiple passwords. A good password manager application will…

  • Generate strong and unique passwords for every secure website you visit.
  • Store your passwords safely in a single location that is password-protected and encrypted.
  • Enable you to only have to remember only one master password.

Setting up a password manager may require a bit of effort. But the time you save and headaches you avoid by not having to keep up with multiple passwords is worth it. Not getting hacked is also a plus!

There are many password managers out there. Do your research. Search online for “password managers”, compare features, and choose a product that is right for you.

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