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UNCG Information Technology Services (ITS) has added Google Drive to the Google Vault retention and e-Discovery service for all UNCG G Suite accounts. This expands the Vault service that previously only handled email retention & e-Discovery. Vault will make it easier for all UNCG employees to retain copies of all work-related electronic documents, including those [Read More]

Who: Faculty and staff with devices on the GCN running Windows 10 (there is limited support for Windows 7) What: Support for Windows device encryption Why: Disk encryption protects UNCG data if your device is ever stolen or lost. It can also help the University maintain data-use agreements and lessen the risk of a serious [Read More]

It’s tax season, prime time for identity theft. The Internal Revenue Service would like to help you keep safe by offering you some ways you can protect your personal information. Please see the IRS publication “Security Awareness for Taxpayers” for more information on keeping your computer and personal information safe and on how to avoid [Read More]

Who: Faculty, staff and students who use UNCG’s two-factor authentication (2FA) system and Duo Mobile What: New Duo Mobile feature “Security Checkup” is enabled for UNCG 2FA users When: Thursday, November 16 Duo Mobile, the application used with UNCG’s two-factor authentication (2FA) system, has recently added a new feature: Security Checkup. This feature helps you maintain good cyber [Read More]

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and Information Technology Services (ITS) is running two contests to promote awareness of cyber security threats and to offer tips and best practices on how to stay safe online. ITS is staffing a table at the EUC this month where you can stop by to learn more about [Read More]