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Oversharing personal information online can get you in trouble — with hackers, thieves, and even potential employers. Date or place of birth, hobbies, favorite foods or music — that’s all TMI! TMI makes you vulnerable to security and privacy risks, like the following: Identity theft. Using social networks, criminals can use personal information you’ve shared [Read More]

Many people like to check in to a location when using social media apps to let friends and family know where they are and what they’re doing, and to get perks from businesses and promotions. But posting your current or future location has many potential risks, including alerting thieves to the location of an empty [Read More]

You know you’re supposed to have strong passwords so that hackers can’t guess them. And that you’re supposed to have different passwords for different accounts. But trying to keep up with all of that is challenging to say the least! That’s where password managers come in—they eliminate the need to keep track of multiple passwords. [Read More]

Have you considered a career in cyber security? Professionals in this field work to: defeat malicious attackers, improve a company’s security and defenses, become an ethical hacker, and prevent identity theft. A Global Information Security Workforce Study found that the cyber security workforce gap is on pace to hit 1.8 million by 2022 (ISC, 2017). [Read More]

When sharing personal information on the internet, you should always proceed carefully. A good practice is to ask yourself this question before posting: “Am I comfortable sharing this information with the whole world? Forever?” Remember: Information shared online can never be completely removed from the internet. The internet is a global collection of websites, host [Read More]