Information Technology Services

You know you’re supposed to have strong passwords so that hackers can’t guess them. And that you’re supposed to have different passwords for different accounts. But trying to keep up with all of that is challenging to say the least! That’s where password managers come in—they eliminate the need to keep track of multiple passwords. [Read More]

When sharing personal information on the internet, you should always proceed carefully. A good practice is to ask yourself this question before posting: “Am I comfortable sharing this information with the whole world? Forever?” Remember: Information shared online can never be completely removed from the internet. The internet is a global collection of websites, host [Read More]

Checking your credit report is one of the most important ways you can protect yourself online. There are many reasons you should check your credit report at least once a year. Here are five: Prevent identity theft. One of the first signs of identity theft or credit card fraud is finding unrecognized names and accounts [Read More]

Do you know how to recognize phishing emails? Some of the common signs to look for include: Creating a sense of urgency: Attackers want to make you panic so that you are more likely to make a mistake. Example: Subject of email is “Urgent: Your Accounts Needs Updating” Asking for personal info: An attacker’s goal is [Read More]