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Zoombombing is a new form of internet trolling in which a hacker uses Zoom’s screen-sharing feature to disrupt meetings and classes. UNCG’s Zoom environment has default settings in place to protect against Zoombombing, but users can take other preventative steps as well. See Zoombombing: Best Practices for Prevention for more information and tips on how [Read More]

Starting March 23, 2020, current UNCG students, faculty, and staff have Adobe Creative Cloud user licenses to use on their home computers. To meet the remote-work needs of campuses during the COVID-19 crisis, Adobe provided free, at-home Creative Cloud access to schools and colleges that only have lab access for students. Currently, the service is [Read More]

At this moment, the data of global healthcare organizations are influencing every layer of our communities up to the decisions of our world leaders. Every infographic that illustrates the impacts of the novel coronavirus pandemic shines a spotlight on biomedical and healthcare informatics. However, even when there is not a world health crisis, biomedical and [Read More]

As of March 16, Zoom is available alongside UNCG’s other videoconferencing options, Webex and Google Meet. All UNCG faculty, staff, and students are eligible for accounts. UNCG Information Technology Services (ITS) added this service to meet the rising demand for videoconferencing solutions in light of COVID-19-related remote-instruction mandates. Accessing Zoom UNCG users should follow the [Read More]

As coders, analysts, engineers, and even investors, women play integral, future-shifting roles in tech. This week, ITS celebrates Noramay Cardena, Cofounder and Managing Partner of MiLA Capital, a Los Angeles-based venture capital firm that finds, nurtures, and invests in promising technology companies. Click here and follow ITS on Facebook and Twitter for more Women [in Tech] History [Read More]