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Just when you think they can’t get any more conniving, hackers have started using Google Docs for phishing. If you receive an invitation to collaborate on a Google Doc that you aren’t expecting, especially by someone you don’t know, be cautious. You could be opening a document that has malware links in it or is [Read More]

A Piedmont area church lost $793,000 to an internet scam. The church received an email from the building company that included a bill for payment. Immediately after that message, another email containing the invoice details and further payment instructions arrived. The second email was a very well-crafted scam that took the church for $793,000. Scammers [Read More]

Recently, county authorities in several states have reported that some of their residents are receiving “Distraint Warrant” letters from a non-existent “Tax Processing Unit” in their jurisdictions. The so-called Distraint Warrant reports a false outstanding tax debt owed to the county by the recipient; warns that “levying procedures will begin within 15 days of its [Read More]

Ah, romance! It’s Valentine’s season and love is in the air. Flowers, sweet treats, and fancy dinners abound, so do online would-be Romeos and Juliets.  The promise of love can make you do crazy things like sending money or inappropriate videos and photos to an online sweetheart that you’ve never met in person. Online lovers [Read More]

It’s summer and we are in the natural disaster season. When disasters happen, giving to a charity is a great way to help those in need. I don’t know about you, but when I give money to a cause, I want to make sure that it’s going where it’s supposed to.  Criminals take advantage of [Read More]