Information Technology Services

A malicious phishing campaign that is targeting UNCG students is currently underway. Remember the following, the ITS Service Desk (6-TECH) will never call and ask for your password will never call and ask for your MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) code That information is yours and you must keep that information private! The current phishing campaigns: threaten to [Read More]

UNCG is seeing an uptick in phishing emails. Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools allow grifters to create more convincing and harder-to-detect phishing messages. Microsoft filters out many malicious emails, but scammers are constantly improving their methods.  Recent phishing strategies include:  threatening to disable your account unless you take action; offering fantastic work opportunities; and offering deals [Read More]

The national news media has reported that a significant number of organizations around the world have been affected by a cybersecurity event that involves a software utility called MOVEit, a widely used electronic file transfer software.   UNCG does not use MOVEit software and has found no evidence of a security breach on campus. However, [Read More]

Just when you think they can’t get any more conniving, hackers have started using Google Docs for phishing. If you receive an invitation to collaborate on a Google Doc that you aren’t expecting, especially by someone you don’t know, be cautious. You could be opening a document that has malware links in it or is [Read More]

A Piedmont area church lost $793,000 to an internet scam. The church received an email from the building company that included a bill for payment. Immediately after that message, another email containing the invoice details and further payment instructions arrived. The second email was a very well-crafted scam that took the church for $793,000. Scammers [Read More]