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Who: Faculty and staff What: Branding update for Application Catalog (AppCat) on Windows GCN computers When: Tuesday, February 19, 2019 The UNCG Application Catalog (or AppCat) will be branded with University logos and colors. The new branding will roll out gradually during the day on February 19. After the new branding is applied, AppCat will look [Read More]

Starting February 1, 2019, Google will retire the legacy Tasks full screen and canvas versions of the interface. These will no longer be available to UNCG accounts. Specifically, the following URLs will be disabled: • Legacy Tasks Full Screen: • Legacy Tasks Canvas: In addition, Chrome extensions created to access and modify the [Read More]

A new Library Resources link now appears in the navigation for every course in Canvas. The Library Resources link directs both instructors and students to the Research Guide that a librarian curated specifically for the course and/or subject. If no Research Guide exists for the course or subject, a generic library guide will appear. Additional [Read More]

On January 11, 2019, ITS will implement a change to restore the news feed to the UNCG Single Sign-On Page. This will not impact its login functionality in any way. Currently, the UNCG Single Sign-On Page looks like this:   After the change, the page will have a news feed to the right of the [Read More]

Earlier this year (March 2018) ITS announced that the new Canvas gradebook was made available for enablement by instructors on a course-by-course basis. In order for the new gradebook to be used during Winter session, it will be automatically enabled in all courses on December 10 after grades are due. The overall functionality and setup [Read More]