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Earlier this year (March 2018) ITS announced that the new Canvas gradebook was made available for enablement by instructors on a course-by-course basis. In order for the new gradebook to be used during Winter session, it will be automatically enabled in all courses on December 10 after grades are due. The overall functionality and setup [Read More]

Starting on November 27, G Suite users will experience a new sign-in design. Earlier this year, Google announced several new user interface components, including a new sign-in design. The new sign-in design will now be implemented. This change does not impact the UNCG authentication process. Users entering their email address on the Google Sign-In [Read More]

Starting the week of November 12, UNCG Gmail users still using the old Gmail (or “Classic” Gmail) were automatically switched to new Gmail by Google. This change began in summer 2018 when new Gmail was released and UNCG users were given the choice to opt in to the new Gmail experience (see ITS News article). [Read More]

As a part of the recent updates to the UNCG Webex service, session recordings made using the Webex Meetings (Meeting Center) and Webex Events (Event Center) platforms will now be recorded in MP4 format, instead of the ARF format. MP4 files are standard video files with excellent cross-platform compatibility. What is the difference between ARF [Read More]

The hardware that hosts UNCG network file storage space, including home directories (S drives), departmental network storage (N drives), and special volumes, has reached end-of-life status and is obsolete. During Winter Break 2018, Information Technology Services (ITS) will migrate this file storage space from the old hardware to new storage solutions, according to the process described [Read More]