Information Technology Services

On Monday, May 6, 2024, the new Academic Dev Desktop will be introduced on a Windows 11 VDI platform, replacing the current ISM/Visual Studio Desktop. This environment is designed with academic developers in mind, aiming to simplify and accelerate access to and functionality of developer software.  
Academic Dev Desktop Environment Features 

  • Hardware: 4 CPUs and 16GB RAM for an efficient, non-shared experience. 
  • Accessibility: Available to all academic users. 50 individual random pooled desktops initially available with the possibility of adding more on demand.  
  • Functionality: Supports running compiled software with fewer restrictions and saves user settings and files across sessions. 

Software Included on Academic Dev Desktop 

  • Apache NetBeans (with OpenJDK LTS) 
  • Miniconda (with Python) 
  • MS SQL Express (with SQL Server Management Studio) 
  • MySQL Server CE (with Workbench) 
  • Visual Studio Code 
  • Visual Studio Pro 
  • X-Win32 
  • All default software (Adobe, Office, Browsers, Remote Access Software, etc.) 

Software Changes to Student Desktop 

On Tuesday, May 7, 2024, this software, except Miniconda and X-Win32 (which can also be used for other academic purposes), will be removed from the Student Desktop and will be unavailable as MyCloud published apps to prevent duplication of resources and save storage space. This resolves previous issues with Visual Studio under AppLocker restrictions, now relaxed in the new Academic Dev Desktop.  

  Important Dates: 

  • Launch: Academic Dev Desktop available on Monday, May 6 
  • Transition: Software removal from Student Desktop with standard MyCloud Release on Tuesday, May 7