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Who: Users of G-Suite Services (Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, etc.) through a Chrome Browser What: An additional security verification screen during log on When: Monday, May 7 or soon after Why: Mandatory feature change implemented by Google to enhance account security On May 7th, or soon after, Google is releasing a feature in the Chrome [Read More]

If you use UNCG Single Sign-On (SSO) with Two-factor Authentication (2FA) and want to use a Bring Your Own Token (BYOT) device, please be aware that there is a known issue with BYOTs and desktop client applications. Issue Under certain conditions, a desktop application using Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication can crash when users attempt to [Read More]

It’s tax season, prime time for identity theft. The Internal Revenue Service would like to help you keep safe by offering you some ways you can protect your personal information. Please see the IRS publication “Security Awareness for Taxpayers” for more information on keeping your computer and personal information safe and on how to avoid [Read More]

Update 1/11/2018: Faculty and Staff with Windows devices on the GCN network: Updates to address the Meltdown vulnerability are now available from AppCat. These updates will be pushed to GCN-connected Windows devices on Friday, 1/19, at 5:30 p.m. But ITS recommends that you run them as soon as possible (see How do I install updates [Read More]

Who: Any user running macOS High Sierra What: Installation of OS update to address security vulnerability When: Immediate Why: A vulnerability was discovered recently in macOS High Sierra that could allow an attacker unauthorized access to your Mac. This vulnerability utilizes a weak default password on the “root” administrator account. Apple has since released Security [Read More]