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[The following Memorandum was sent via email on February 4, 2019, to all active UNCG faculty and staff.] MEMORANDUM TO: UNCG Faculty and Staff FROM: Dr. Dana Dunn, Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor Charles Maimone, Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs & Chief Financial Officer Donna Heath, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Services & Chief Information Officer [Read More]

Tax scam season is upon us. Will you file taxes for the first time this year? Maybe this is your second or third time. Whether you’re new to the process, or a veteran, you should know some 1040 Defense! Here are some pointers to help you outsmart scammers: Use reputable tax prep services. Attackers use [Read More]

It’s Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week. Identity thieves and tax scammers LOVE tax season. They steal social security numbers to claim tax refunds, apply for loans, even get jobs. Save yourself time and headaches by becoming familiar with the tax process and some common tactics that criminals use to steal your information. The National Cybersecurity [Read More]

Members of the UNCG community are being targeted by a social-engineering attack that consists of conversational emails which appear to be from senior UNCG personnel and administrators. These are hand-crafted attacks in which criminals impersonate the officials, and direct the victim to purchase retail gift cards. Unfortunately, these types of scams have cost UNCG employees [Read More]

Members of the UNCG community have recently become the target of a gift card scam. These are hand-crafted attacks where criminals impersonate a senior UNCG employee and direct the victim to purchase retail gift cards. This has unfortunately cost employees hundreds of dollars. In this specific scam, the attacker impersonates someone you know using the [Read More]