Information Technology Services

Recently, county authorities in several states have reported that some of their residents are receiving “Distraint Warrant” letters from a non-existent “Tax Processing Unit” in their jurisdictions. The so-called Distraint Warrant reports a false outstanding tax debt owed to the county by the recipient; warns that “levying procedures will begin within 15 days of its [Read More]

Keeping UNCG data and user information safe in times of war In response to Federal, State, and UNC System warnings and mandates about escalating cyber warfare coming out of Eastern Europe, UNCG’s Information Technology Services (ITS) Information Security team is vigilantly securing UNCG’s technology infrastructure against attack. As a research institution, UNCG’s network is a [Read More]

Information Technology Services (ITS) has released a new Firewall Policy Request form on the 6-TECH Online Service Portal. Use this form to initiate the firewall-policy review, execution, and tracking processes.  To access the form, go to the 6-TECH Online Service Portal, and click GET IT. Then, select Service and Support and, finally, Firewall Policy Request. [Read More]

Ah, romance! It’s Valentine’s season and love is in the air. Flowers, sweet treats, and fancy dinners abound, so do online would-be Romeos and Juliets.  The promise of love can make you do crazy things like sending money or inappropriate videos and photos to an online sweetheart that you’ve never met in person. Online lovers [Read More]

Shop with care this holiday season! The cyber security firm Checkpoint reports a 178% increase in fake shopping sites that can steal your personal information and drain your bank account. According to the Better Business Bureau, online buying scams now make up more than a third of all reported scams.  How can you shop safely? [Read More]