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  CHECK YOUR PRIVACY SETTINGS Sally knows that oversharing on social media can have long term consequences. She double-checks her privacy settings for her internet accounts monthly. Sally un-tags herself from photos where multiple people are tagged because she read that, if others in the photo have loose privacy settings, her privacy can be compromised [Read More]

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Now in its sixteenth year, this important campaign encourages people, businesses, and institutions to educate themselves about cyber risks and online safety practices. Because the internet is so prevalent in our hyper-connected world, protecting our online identity, data, and devices is critical. In October, UNCG Information Technology Services (ITS) [Read More]

Who: Faculty, staff, and students with computers running Windows What: Microsoft releases critical patch for all versions of Windows On September 23, 2019, Microsoft released a critical update for all versions of Windows to address a severe vulnerability in the Windows operating system. ITS is releasing this patch to protect our computers. UNCG-owned computers: Friday, [Read More]

As we welcome members of our UNC Wilmington family and mourn the devastation in The Bahamas, our hearts go out to all of those affected by Hurricane Dorian. It is at times like these when we all feel the need to roll up our sleeves and do something, anything, to help our neighbors and communities—and [Read More]

Cisco recently informed customers about vulnerabilities in some older versions of the Webex Network Recording Player and Webex Player on Windows computers. Due to these security concerns, all users of Webex on Windows-based computers should uninstall the Cisco Webex Network Recording Player and/or Cisco Webex Player if the installed versions are older than WBS 39.5.5. [Read More]