Information Technology Services

Imagine a tiny square holding a secret message… except sometimes, that message is more “evil villain’s lair” than “hidden treasure.” Quick Response (QR) codes are super handy and can lead you to cool websites, menus, and more. But just like any adventure, there can be traps. 

Be a QR code hero! Follow these tips: 

  • Beware of the Sticker Switcheroo: Look for signs that a real QR code might be covered with a fake one. Think peeling edges, weird bumps, or just that it looks “off.” 
  • Peek Before You Leap: Most QR scanners will let you see the link before you click it. Does the link look suspicious? Does it just give you a random string of letters? Trust your gut and leave it. 
  • Stick to Familiar Faces: Scan codes from official sources that you know and trust. Don’t scan codes in strange places and blindly follow them, especially if they are promising amazing deals or free stuff. As always, if it looks too good to be true, it is. 
  • Restaurant Red Flags: Be wary of QR codes on menus – especially if they aren’t printed directly on them. Scammers can replace them with codes that lead to fake payment sites. Ask a staff member for confirmation before you follow the link. 

Navigate the digital world like a champ. With a little caution, you can unlock QR codes without getting tricked by the bad guys.