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Who: Faculty, staff, students What: Planned network downtime for multiple buildings (see list below) When: Tuesday, June 26 – Friday, June 29,  5:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. each day Why: Upgrade to network electrical support equipment. During the maintenance window, there will be intermittent loss of network services — including wired, wireless and VoIP services — in [Read More]

Who: All Box Drive and Box for Office users What: Emergency hotfixes for Box Drive and Box for Office When: Monday, June 25 Box has issued automatic Hotfix updates for both Box Drive (Windows only) and Box for Office. These updates should download and install automatically on each computer they’re installed on. The updates will resolve [Read More]

Who: Faculty, staff and students What: Fiber optic maintenance for the campus network in the vicinity of the new Nursing Instructional Building construction site. When: Monday, June 25, 6 PM to 11:59 PM. No service interruption is anticipated. However, when working near an active network infrastructure, there is a remote possibility of an accident causing [Read More]

Who: Occupants of the Jackson Library What: Upgrade to wireless network in Jackson Library When: June 25 – June 29 The wireless access points in Jackson Library are scheduled to be upgraded during the week of June 25th, 2018. During the upgrade, the wireless service may be interrupted while the new Access points are installed [Read More]

Who: Faculty, staff and students What: Planned downtime for the following services: UNCGenie Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) UNCG Account Provisioning GetMyPin Touchnet Payment Gateway Banner INB Banner 9 Workflow AIMS parking system JIRA Stash Degree Works Oracle Internet Directory UC4/Appworx/Automic Grouper Reporting, including WEBFOCUS & Argos, against Banner Production Between Saturday, July 14, 2018, 12:00 [Read More]