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Only use softphones to call 911 if there is no alternative available. Due to technical limitations, when a softphone is used to dial 911 it transmits the campus address of the office where the softphone was originally assigned. Because of this limitation, a caller who uses a softphone to dial 911 must provide their physical [Read More]

Reminder for Technical Staff Running Web Servers Do you manage a web server on campus or in the cloud? Web browser updates coming from Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Firefox this month eliminate support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 and 1.1 protocols. Web server managers may need to take action so their users can continue [Read More]

Who: Faculty and staff What: Upgrade Box desktop applications When: Before Tuesday, March 31, 2020 Why: On March 31, 2020, Box will discontinue support for TLS 1.1 across all Box services. Box’s Updating Box from the Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.1 Encryption Protocol FAQ provides comprehensive information about this service change. To update non-compliant Box [Read More]

Who: Students, faculty, and staff What: Planned downtime for the wireless network in the following buildings: Human Resources (723 Kenilworth) Chemical Safety Graphics and Printing Shop Gray Home Management House Carmichael When: Monday, March 2, 2020, through Friday, March 6, 2020 Wireless access points will be upgraded in the buildings listed above during the week [Read More]