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Who: Faculty, staff, and students with computers running Windows 7 What: Windows 7 reaching end-of-life status on January 14, 2020 On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will discontinue Windows 7 support. After this date, Windows 7 computers will no longer receive any updates, including critical security updates. Risk for identity theft, viruses, and malware increases by [Read More]

On May 6, 2019, Google will update Google Groups settings to ease group management. Settings with similar functionality will be combined, and settings that are rarely used will be removed. These changes may affect existing groups. What’s changing Member management settings – Settings for adding, approving, and inviting users to groups are being merged into [Read More]

Apple iCloud is used to store files and backup settings for macOS and iOS devices. It is configured during setup or via System Preferences. However, iCloud is not approved for storing UNCG data. To ensure compliance with University data storage policies, all Mac users should disable the Desktop & Documents Folders selection of iCloud Storage. [Read More]

Filing your taxes is already stressful enough, but having scammers impersonate IRS officials skews the playing field even more.  Time to brush up on your 1040 Defense. What the IRS WILL do: The IRS WILL send official letters called “notices” BEFORE calling or visiting. IRS agents WILL have 2 forms of ID, a pocket commission [Read More]

Tax scam season is upon us. Will you file taxes for the first time this year? Maybe this is your second or third time. Whether you’re new to the process, or a veteran, you should know some 1040 Defense! Here are some pointers to help you outsmart scammers: Use reputable tax prep services. Attackers use [Read More]