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Illustration showing a representation of an email being caught on a fishing hookPhishing is their game, using fake emails, social media posts, or direct messages to lure you into clicking slimy links, coughing up sensitive info, or downloading dodgy attachments with the promise of juicy catches. If you take the bait and click the deceitful link, you might find your personal information swimming in treacherous waters. 

Spot scammy emails, keep an eye out for:

  • Don’t Get Hooked by Emotions: Does the message trigger an emotional reaction? If an email makes you feel too much, be skeptical. Stay on your guard and don’t let your feelings lure you in.
  • Reel in Urgency: Does the message require quick action? If an email demands a quick catch or sudden jump into action, slow down and carefully evaluate it. 
  • Odd messages: Does the email or text message seem off? If an email or text message from someone you know seems fishy give the person a call to verify the message before diving in.  
  • Avoid Going off the Deep End: Are you being asked to perform some action that is out of the ordinary? Are they asking you to use a unfamiliar websites, uncharted file-sharing services or exotic payment methods? Instructions like these can lead you into a sea of trouble. Ignore and delete the message. 
  • If it’s Too Good to Be True, It’s Probably a Red Herring: Don’t fall for it. It’s likely a baited trap.

Don’t take the bait! Never take the plunge and engage with or follow links in phishing emails. Instead, report these fishy messages by clicking Report in Outlook.


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Be a cyber angler, not a cyber guppy! You are the guardian of your own digital waters. Stay vigilant and protect yourself from these phishing pirates and their ever-evolving net of tricks! Your data is worth it. 

If you need help with an information security issue or need technical assistance, submit a 6-TECH ticket, call 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324), or email [email protected].