Information Technology Services

Make it automatic.

Most reputable software companies offer the convenience of automatic updates for their products, with reminders when updates are available. If automatic updates aren’t available, set a quarterly reminder to manually check for updates.

Get it from the source.

When downloading a software update, ensure it’s from the official company that created it. Unlicensed versions often contain malware and can cause more problems than they solve.

Watch for fakes!

You might have come across those annoying pop-ups when browsing a website or using software which demands instant downloads or form submissions. Be aware that these are always fraudulent and should be ignored. A legitimate browser message won’t ask you to download anything; they simply caution against proceeding or staying on an unsecure web address due to potential malware threats.

Make it a habit.

  • Ensure new devices have automatic updates enabled.
  • Regularly confirm old devices also have automatic updates enabled.
  • Get in the habit of promptly restarting to finalize updates.
  • Routinely check for updates on devices that lack automatic update capabilities.