Information Technology Services

Cybersecurity is the processes, software, and people that protect systems, networks, programs, and other internet-supported devices. Cyber attackers steal, use, and destroy sensitive and personal information for their own gain. Despite the sophisticated methods used to steal and protect data, securing data and information does not necessarily require advanced IT certifications or tech knowledge. The best defenses are the simplest actions individual users can take to keep the data around them safe.

If You Connect It, Protect It!

Each of us is responsible for the security of our devices. We should regularly assess what we’re doing online, what we have connected to the internet, how well we are protecting our personal information. We should constantly ask ourselves…

Illustration of a silhouette with thought bubble containing the following questions. How many devices do I have connected to the Internet?   Are my connections secure?   Are my devices up to date on patches?  Are my apps and software up to date?Our devices contain information about uswho we are, what we do, where we go, even our credit and health information. There are a few simple things we can do to ensure our sensitive and personal information does not fall into the hands of criminals.


  • Install software updates and patches. Patches are temporary fixes provided by software companies to install into software programs.
  • Keep antivirus software up to date. If you don’t have antivirus on your devices, get some! 
  • Change passwords regularly Use strong passwords on your devices.

Let’s all do our part!